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Friday, December 9, 2011

Alex and his ripped vascular muscles!

Alex sent in his pictures and we are so glad that he did!
Look at how vascular and ripped his muscles are!
His biceps are shredded and huge!
We hope to see more from Alex soon!

Jack Lawson shows his muscles!

Jack Lawson sent us these pics!
He is a bodybuilder from France who lives in America.
He is big and vascular!
Jack looks incredibly strong!
We hope Jack sends in more so we can celebrate his amazing physique!

Joey Whip flexing his big muscles

Joey Whip is a natural bodybuilder with an amazing physique!
We put together a compilation video of him flexing his muscles for your enjoyment!
His biceps are huge and his chest is ripped!
Look at his traps and neck as he flexes!

If you want more from Joey check out his website!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Frank Medrano is shredded

Frank proves that you can build a powerful physique and still be a vegan!
He is so shredded and strong!
Check out his You Tube channel and see his ripped muscles in action!

Joey Whip and his muscular tree trunk thighs!

Joey Whip has been a favorite of ours for a long time!
He has a devoted following on You Tube and enjoys flexing his masculine muscles for his admirers.
His biceps are huge and his most muscular will knock your socks off!
His legs are huge and muscular as you can see in this picture.
Check out his new website and get to know one of the hottest muscle flexers on the internet!

Bodybuilder showing excellent muscle conditioning!

This bodybuilder is so shredded!
Look at his glutes! They are rock hard and striated!
His back is ripped also! He looks like he is ready for battle!

Adam Charlton is ripped beyond belief!

Adam Charlton is in perfect condition everytime we see him!
His abs are shredded and his thighs are huge and ripped!
Check out his Facebook fan page for more tips from this muscle hunk!

Muscle Beast!

Look at the size of this dude's arms!
His forearm as bigger than some people's thighs!

Ripped pecs and big muscle arms!

Look at his huge arms bulging with muscle!
His pecs are ripped and striated.
He has nice rock hard abs too!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

More from the most vascular bodybuilder in the world!

This dude is incredible!
He looks like a walking anatomy chart! He looks as if he has no skin!
His vascularity and muscularity is unreal!

Who knows if he is really the most vascular bodybuilder in the world but he certainly has reached a level of physical
conditioning that few bodybuilders achieve!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dominique and his muscular torso!

Dominique Cheniart from has an incredibly muscular and ripped physique!
He is shredded!

Striated Pecs about to burst out of the skin

Look at the striations in his pecs!
His side chest pose is amazing!

Muscle Hunk Ripping Open his hoodie!

Look at his pecs bulge as he rips open the hoodie he is wearing!

Huge Hairy Biceps

This dude is huge and looks so powerful as he flexes his biceps!

Tribute to Bodybuilder Samir Bannout

Samir Bannout is one of the most aesthetic bodybuiders to ever grace the stage!

He was seemingly always ripped and in excellent condition.
Of course his ruggedly handsome face didn't hurt!

He is still active in bodybuilding and as you can see, he still is a muscle hunk!
Check out his website!

Rough Muscle Hunk in the alley!

This dude is muscular and very masculine!
Bulging pecs, defined biceps and ripped abs!

Biceps bulging in tanktop!

His arms are HUGE!

Ripped Muscle Hunk checks himself out in the mirror!

This bodybuilder has huge arms and ripped abs!

Hairy Muscle on display!

This is a beautiful picture!
It shows male masculinity at it's muscular best!

Tattoed Muscle Hunk flirts with the camera!

All we can say is

Butch Muscle Stud sticks out his tongue!

It's like he is teasing you with his tongue!

Thug Muscle Stud in briefs!

This dude has an incredibly muscular physique!
His tatoos and bandana accentuate his hard body well!
Look at his thighs and glutes!

Hairy Muscle Laying in Bed

His hairy pecs are muscular and well shaped!
He has a tight muscular body!

Jock Muscle staring at you!

Damn this dude is hot!

Dominant Muscle Stud

This dude is in charge and he has the muscle to back it up!
He looks so dominant and strong!

Ripped Chocolate Muscle Stud

Look at how ripped his abs are!
His bulging pecs are well developed also!

Huge Bulging Muscle Bear Pecs

His pecs are so big and full.

Bulging pec flex from below!

Looking up at this muscle hunk's pecs bulging is intoxicating!

Black Muscle Stud who has a beautiful smile!

This dude's smile is almost as incredible as his muscular body!

Rugged Muscle Hunk's Double Biceps Flex!

Damn this dude has an incredible physique!
His muscular body is so pleasing to the eye!

Muscular Butt inTight Briefs

Those briefs look as if they are painted on!
His huge and hairy muscular thighs barely fit into them!


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