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How I became addicted to men flexing their muscles!

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with muscular men!

I can remember sitting on the porch of my Southern home at around 4 or 5 years old asking men that passed by to show me their muscles! At that time a child asking these grown men to flex their biceps was cute to the usually grumpy men. They would happily oblige and tussle my hair playfully. I used to ask almost every man I would see to flex his muscles for me.  My neighbors, the mailman, handymen; I must have been an annoying little brat.  I just always had a connection to men and their muscles.  Once I remember the mailman was delivering a package and I asked him if he lifted weights and he said yes.  I asked him to flex his muscles and he was hesitant at first.  As an adult now I can see why he was hesitant to flex for me considering he was standing on the porch out in the open on a sunny day.  He finally gave in to my whining to see his muscles and flexed a huge bicep that in my child mind was the size of a bowling ball!  I was transfixed by the huge ball of muscle.  I didn't know why but I couldn't stop staring in amazement at his huge hard biceps!

Sometimes the men would tell me to feel their biceps to see how hard the muscle was! They seemed to get more into showing off for me as I showed my excitement. It's almost like they were happy because people were taking notice of their muscles.  Like they had felt like they were just ordinary guys and someone was appreciating their physical attributes.  I'm not saying that my fascination with muscular men helped me change the world or make their lives better, but it is deeper than just a superficial attraction! 

Of course they would usually tell me things like I could get big and strong like them if I ate my spinach and took care of myself.  All I wanted was for them to keep flexing their muscles for me!

I don't know exactly why but I was fascinated by the way the muscle bulged into hard balls!

When I was in Elementary School the boys used to show off their biceps to each other. They seemed to have a sense of accomplishment when they flexed their muscles. They loved to rib each other about who was stronger and had bigger muscles.  I loved to watch!  When I was about 9 or 10 I first noticed how some biceps were ripped and had lines in them. Those biceps were really hard in comparison to the bigger more pumped muscles that some of the dudes in my class displayed. 

My coronation as a full fledged Muscle Lover and Addict came when I was in High School. It actually started in 7th grade because I went to one of those secondary schools that spanned from 7th through 12th grade.  In one of my 7th grade classes some of the cool jock dudes started to compare biceps. This one dude put everyone to shame with his striated hard balls of muscle! He even had veins bulging and his biceps felt like steel. We became good friends and he would meet up with me before school and flex his muscles for me. It was mostly bicep adoration. He would also flex his forearms and show me how the veins would snake along the knotted muscles! I was amazed at how huge his muscles were and how pumped up his veins became when he flexed for me.

He was into muscles as much as I was. We discussed bodybuilding and shared workout strategies. This went on for years and even outside of muscle flexing we had a good friendship.  When we were about 16 or 17, he started asking me to go into the bathroom stall with him so he could flex his whole body for me!  I was happy to oblige!

His pecs were so big and muscular at this point that they seemed heavy! Like they were so full of power that they were weighed down by their masculinity! He would make his pecs bounce for me and we would play a game where I tried to guess which pec would bounce next. His abs were like marble and I remember him telling me that even he couldn't believe how hard they were. After a few minutes of flexing his veins would become so engorged that they were like the size of pencils! All over his body! Especially in his arms! The veins were so big that he could pick them up with his fingers and move them around!  He could make the veins bulge from his forehead down to his calves, which were like footballs when he flexed them!  His back was rippled with muscle. One time he told me on the telephone that he was working on his parents roof with no shirt on and how people would tell him that he had muscles that they never even knew existed!  I remember becoming excited when he said that he would show me the next day at school! 

It's almost like I became his muse for coming into his own as a man.  We were both realizing how complicated things were in life and we both seemed to fulfill something for each other.  He told me during one of the bathroom flexing sessions that he never met anyone who liked muscles as much as I did.  I told him that he and his muscles turned me into a Muscle Lover!  He thought that was funny and I remember the way his pecs bounced as he laughed.  It was so innocent but yet I think we both knew the deeper connection that we shared about the power and beauty of muscles.  That was evident a few times as other things bulged on his body while I would be feeling his muscles! 

I haven't looked back since in my quest for seeing men flex their muscles!

The sight of bulging muscles excite me to no end!  From bodybuilders to regular guys.  Even when they don't particular think they have anything to show off, I usually get very excited when they start to flex their muscles! 

I used to think I was alone in this fascination but it is good to see that other people enjoy muscles just like I do!

I am proud to be a Muscle Lover!!!!!


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