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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jock boy shows his muscles!

This stud looks like he just finished working out and had to stop and take a moment to show off all of his hard work!
He is ripped! Look at the striations in his pecs!
His abs and obliques are shredded too!

Mammoth Hairy Muscle Stud!

He looks as if he is exhausted from carrying around those massive muscles!
His hairiness makes him look more masculine and powerful!

Incredibly ripped 8 pack!

It looks like it could be a 10 pack!
Look at how lean his mid-section is!
He looks as if he has no body fat!
Insane muscularity on this dude!

Big stud biceps!

Damn his bicep is HUGE!
This dude has big, thick and powerful muscles.
His biceps still have a nice muscle tone even though they are so big!

Hairy Butch Muscle Stud in low hanging boxers!

Those boxers are hanging so low!
This picture doesn't hide anything!
This dude looks so sexy and hairy!
His muscles are nice and ripped too!

Lazar Angelov is shredded beyond belief 3

Look at how his abs are just ripped blocks of muscle!
Flat V cut!
Ripped biceps too!

Lazar Angelov is shredded beyond belief 2

Unbelievably ripped!

Lazar Angelov is shredded beyond belief 1

Look at how shredded he is!

Video: Are these the most ripped abs in the world?

Lazar Angelov is an online Personal Trainer from Bulgaria!
As you can see in this video his abs are ripped beyond belief!
There is a huge band of rock hard muscle that wraps around his mid-section!
His abs are HUGE slabs of defined muscle and he has veins popping out all over his stomach!

Check out his website for more information on this ripped hottie!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bodybuilder bent over showing huge muscle ass!

This huge bodybuilder bends over and displays his ripped muscular ass and ripped hamstrings!
This is so HOT!

Hairy Muscle Stud posing massive quads and ripped abs!

This dude is ripped, hairy and studly!
His quads are shredded and explode into massive slabs
of muscle as he poses against this rock!
His shredded 8 pack is covered in fur!

Chiseled lower abs and ripped arms!

This guy is so sexy with his glasses on!
Totally ripped abs and arms!
Look at how chiseled his lower abs are as they
taper down to a hard v shaped block of muscle!

Ryan Reynolds is a Muscle Beast!

This dude is so freaking sexy! His hairy ruggedness is off the chain!
Look at how intense he trains!
The muscle striations in his ripped biceps are unreal!
See more pictures and videos of Ryan Reynolds and other male celebrities showing off their muscles at Celebrity!

Hot Muscle Bear and his hairy chest!

This muscle bear is so hot!
His pecs are bulging with muscle and full of man hair!

Red Haired Bearded Muscle Guy kiises his biceps!

We love when men kiss their biceps!
He isn't huge like a bodybuilder, but this picture is sexy!

Video of Good Looking Muscle Warrior posing his hairy body!

Good Lookin Fool is shredded to the bone in his new muscle flexing clip!

He is growing a thick pelt of man fur and achieving almost superhuman muscle conditioning!

His vacuum pose is unreal and his midsection is becoming a tight band of shredded muscle!

You have to see this video!

Muscle Nerd flexes his massive biceps!

It looks as if this self professed nerd has bowling balls in his arms!
His biceps are so full and developed!
Casual flexing poses are sometimes the best!
Check out his Muscle Nerd Productions You Tube channel for more AWESOME muscle flexing videos!

Hot Muscle Daddy Bulging Biceps

This hot muscle daddy is confident as his massive biceps bulge!
His ripped abs are unbelievably conditioned and hard!

Hella Sexy Ripped Muscle Stud shows hard torso!

We love a muscular man raising his arms up in the air showing his male dominance!
This dude's midsection is ripped beyond belief!
His biceps are nice and pumped up too!

Lay your head on his chest!

Look at the huge pecs on this guy!
They are like two muscular pillows that you can just lay your head on!
Can you imagine how hard and firm his chest is?

Bulging pecs on ripped physique!

This guy is so ripped that you can see the muscle fibers in his arms and chest!

His smile seems to suggest that he knows he is in peak physical condition!

Sexy dude flexing bicep sticking his tongue out!

This dude has a nice ripped bicep!
The muscle is well developed and ripped!
The tongue sticking out is hot too!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hunky College Muscle!

TheCollegeBoy01 is sexy and intelligent!
He is extremely muscular and has incredible pecs and thighs!
His pec bounce is awesome!

His biceps are nice and ripped too!

Check out his You Tube channel for more hot muscle flexing!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Michael Phelps and his sexy bearded face!

Just had to throw in this hot picture of Michael Phelps!
He is such a stud! We love how his facial hair perfectly frames his face!
His eyes are so beautiful!
This is one yummy muscular dude!

Hard Butch Muscle stud shows his tight ass!

We love hairy muscular hunks!
This dude is so big and fine! Look at his hard buttocks and his bulging thighs!
He looks as if he is thinking, "Yeah, I know I am fine!"

Hard Jock Muscle

This jock is so sexy!
Look at the way his biceps bulge with his arm behind his head!
Those abs are ripped beyond belief!
Love the way his boxers hang long low on that rock hard stomach!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Muscle Stud Delro will hypnotize you with his shredded bouncing pecs!

Delro has an incredible physique and naturally masculine presence. He seems to understand how excited people get when they see his huge shredded muscles flexing! His whole physique is jacked beyond belief!

He has some of the best muscle on the internet!

Huge pecs! Big hard biceps! Massive thighs!
This dude has it all!

Check out his You Tube channel and his website!

You won't be disappointed by this sexy muscle stud!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Butch Muscular Athlete shows his muscle ass!

Big muscle on the field!
This muscle stud appears to be changing his pants on the field!
I am sure nobody minds the awesome view!

Ripped Male Glutes 6

We love how full and muscular his glutes are!
They are striated! Look at the indentations in his hips and hamstrings!

Ripped Glutes 5

He has it all!
A shredded lower back and ripped to the bone glutes!

Ripped Glutes 4

Damn his glutes are so ripped and hard!
Look at the lines in his glutes!
Those black posing trunks look awesome against his striated glutes!

Ripped Glutes 3

This dude is shredded!
Shredded back and shredded glutes!
Look at the Christmas Tree above his glutes.
He is so lean!

Muscle Spotlight: Shredded Abdominal Muscle Posing!

This dude is so ripped and shredded that you can see the veins in his abdominal muscles! Look at how lean and muscular his torso is!

Check out his You Tube channel for more!

More of Muscle Beast Zack Khan!

This dude is a block of muscle! Look at his ripped abs!

One of the biggest bodybuilders we have seen. If not the biggest!

It's amazing how he can be so huge and still be ripped!

Some nerds have bulging muscles!

He calls himself a muscle nerd!
His biceps are so ripped and defined and he really enjoys shosing them off and flexing!
His entire physique is phenomenal!
Check out his You Tube channel!
You won't be disappointed!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shredded mid-section on this hunk!

When a bodybuilder poses with his hands behind his head you can really see how muscular he is.
This dude is shredded! The obliques are popping!
The biceps bulging are amazing too!

Amateur Male Muscle Pics: Big and powerful most muscular flex!

This dude is a beast!
His pecs are rippling slabs of huge muscle as he does a most muscular.
The men looking at him are like "Damn!"

Amateur Male Muscle Pics: Impressive double biceps!

This dude has some good biceps!
Nice development and the peaks are good!
I love the detail in his biceps!

Mike Ruiz has an awesome book that showcases the masculine male physique!

The new book photography book "Pretty Masculine" EXCELLENT!

The photography is stunning!

Mike Ruiz captures the essence of male beauty perfectly in photos that showcase real men and their muscular manly bodies!

Zack Kahn looks superhuman! He is HUGE!

Zack Khan makes Branch Warren look tiny in this picture!
Zack is unreal! He is HUGE and RIPPED!
His forearm looks the same size as Branch's calf muscles and you know that Branch Warren is a big dude!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sexy Jock flexing his biceps in a tank top!

This stud's biceps are big and pumped. They contrast well against his masculine wide flaring lats and manly pits.
That tank top can barely contain his man muscles!
He is a real man and not afraid to show it!

Ripped Chocolate Muscle Stud

This guy's physique is unreal. Look at how striated and defined his pecs, abs and arms are! He is totally ripped!
The way the light sheen of sweat plays against his beautiful skin really shows the detail of his jacked physique!

Chiseled Muscle Man

He looks so manly with his thick beard and ripped muscles!
His abs are tight and the veins in his muscular biceps and forearms are bulging with power and strength.
Damn this dude is sexy!

Big and hard biceps!

Look at how hard and big this dude's bicep is!
The muscle is full and well developed!
His delts are really muscular too!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Superhero Posing from Dominique of 3D!

We are so happy that Dominique from 3D has a new You Tube channel that focuses on showcasing his AMAZING muscular physique!

Kingsley's incredible muscular flexing body is feature as well!

Check it out and be amazed at the muscularity on display!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Apolo Ohno's Muscular Thighs in ESPN Body Issue!

Damn Apolo!
Those thighs are so muscular and powerful looking!

Apolo Anton Ohno poses in the 2011 ESPN Bodies We Want Issue. Aside from the obvious beauty of his well muscled physique, the photography is excellent! His glowing skin looks beautiful against the blue background.

Apolo says that if he were an animal he would be a T-Rex dinosaur because his thighs and glutes are big and muscular and he is smaller on the top. We think all of Apolo looks good! His strong and well developed muscles are a testament to his success as a professional athelete!

We just hope he takes more pictures showcasing his muscles!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Video of ripped glutes flexing

I love ripped and striated glutes! It's the pinnacle of muscular development. This dude is flexing his ripped butt muscles. Incredible bodybuilder butt flex!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Whatever happened to him? I think his name is Michael!

I think this dude's name was Michael and he was from Canada. He used to have posing videos with superheavyweight Jake. I wonder what happend to him. His physique was excellent! He had the whole package and used to love to flex his muscles!

Look how well developed his obliques are in this picture!

Single bicep pose!

Outstanding single bicep pose! The muscle looks so big and hard in this shot. I love the muscle development!

Video of extremely well developed biceps flexing!

Awesome muscle development from Canada!

Sephvalarius flexing his biceps. His biceps are so well developed. They look like they are hard as rocks. Bicep Boulders are what his arms look like!
You can check out more of him at his You Tube channel!


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