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My muscular neighbor and his need to be worshipped!

I had just moved into a historical part of the city.  I had a one bedroom studio apartment with a big kitchen and separate bathroom.  It wasn't huge but it was enough for single working college student with more important things to do with his limited finances.  My studio was in the back of a bigger house and I loved the privacy.  It was a separate residence behind the main house and I even had a little porch that I could sit out on and even barbecue if I wanted.  I was in heaven!

I think I had lived there about two months when a family moved into the main house.  It was a man, his wife and they had adult children who didn't live there but visited frequently.  They were like me, they kept to themselves.  We exchanged pleasantries like neighbors did.  One day I came outside for a cigarette and the husband came out of the laundry room which was directly in front of my porch.  He had a white tank top on and I couldn't believe all of the muscle that was pouring out of the wispy fabric!  This guy was maybe in his early fifties and had a mustache and wore glasses.  He had curly hair that was just started to get that sexy sprinkle of gray so I had noticed him before and thought he was attractive but I was stunned by the heavy muscular arms and thick pecs that I was seeing!

He must have seen me drooling because he chuckled a little as he said hello.  I regained my composure and reciprocated his greeting.  I couldn't help but look at his huge pecs which were now bulging with every breath this dude was taking.  Something told me that it was okay.  My intuition told me that this dude wasn't going to be upset with me looking at his muscles.  He flexed one pec as he said that he had to get back inside.  He seemed to smile as he turned and went back into his back door.  Of course that smile is probably wishful thinking as I think back on this encounter. 

There was something about the way he looked at me that had me thinking about him constantly over the next few days.  About a week later I was studying and someone knocked on the door.  I looked out the window and it was the muscular neighbor who once again had on a tank top.  I opened the door and invited him inside.  He smiled and told me that a package had been delivered to his house by mistake for me.  I took the package and sat it down on my desk.  I knew it was the cell phone that I had recently ordered.  I thanked him and before he could turn around and leave I asked him if he lifted weights?  He said that he used to but hadn't in a while and flexed his bicep and looked at me.  His bicep was ripped and had a vein that ran over the peak!  Something told me that it would be okay if I touched his flexed rock hard bicep.  I reached up and said "Wow, that looks hard!"  He said that it was hard just as my hand made contact with the hard mound of muscle. 

He looked directly into my eyes and told me to press down as hard as I could.  I pressed down and the harder I pressed the harder his baseball biceps pressed back at me.  It was as hard as a rock!  All of a sudden we heard someone outside doing something with the trashcans.  We both looked and saw his wife just as she turned to go back inside.  My hand was still on his bicep when we both looked at each other and knew that this was the end of our first muscle encounter.  But we also both knew this was only the beginning.  He told me to knock on the door and ask him to come fix something in my apartment because he was known to be a part time handyman around the house.  He said then he would come over and that would give us more time.  My mind wondered as he left and I thought to myself, "More time for what?"

For a few days I contemplated knocking on the neighbors door to ask him to come fix something.  I started noticing him doing more work to do outside.  Of course I would always open my door and tell him hello and openly stare at him until he was finished.  Every now and then he would look up and flex his biceps for me and knock at the air as if he was reminding me to knock on his door and get him over.  I would nod back in agreement but for some reason I was scared.  I don't know why I was scared other than I was just being young and stupid at the time.  I finally got so excited at the prospect of a muscle worship session with this guy that one day I took a shot of Hennessy and walked to his back door and knocked.  He answered the door with a smile and said "What's up?"  I told him that my stove wasn't coming on and I wanted to cook a big dinner because my sister was coming over.  I nervously asked him if he could fix it.  He said he would be over in five minutes and winked before he turned away and closed the door.

That five minutes seemed to be the longest of my life as I waited for him.  I had butterflies in my stomach and was so anxious and excited I thought I would be sick.  Just when I couldn't take it anymore he knocked on the door.   I wasn't prepared for what I saw when I opened it.  He didn't have a shirt on and he was wearing loose khaki shorts with a tool belt slung sexily on his hip.  I couldn't say anything and just moved back so as I stared at his muscles glistening in the sunlight.  He walked into my apartment and I closed the door.  He said "It's about time!"  and laughed.  I told him how incredible his muscles looked.  He looked down at his chest and started bouncing his pecs!  He reached down and took my hand and put it on his pumped chest.  It was just firm at first but when he flexed it turned into a hard rock like mass that was striated and shredded! 

I couldn't believe how big and hard his pecs were and told him that.  He said that his wife teased him all the time and told him that he chest was bigger than her breasts and made fun of him.  He looked at me and said he was glad to find someone who knew how to appreciate muscle.  I told him that I was glad he liked to show it off!  He took his tool belt off and put it on the bed and began to flex his muscles like he was onstage in a bodybuilding competition.  I could tell that he was into his own muscles even though his wife didn't seem to be.  I just started feeling every muscle he flexed.  When he did a most muscular pose I ran my hands along his traps and couldn't believe how hard the muscle was and how far they bulged up.  He enjoyed me feeling his traps and started moving his head side to side grinning from ear to ear as he made one trap flex and then the other. 

His back was like a rippling lake of muscle!  His delts were defined and his back was WIDE!  But I was in LOVE with his forearms!  He stretched one arm out and flexed and the veins looked as if they were about to jump out of his skin!  The muscle was sinewy and detailed!  He told me that I wouldn't believe how hard his forearms were and to feel it.  I squeezed his monster arm with both hands and it felt as if I was squeezing a marble statues arm!  It was so hard that I started tapping on it with my fingers to try and dent it and I couldn't!  I just started saying "Damn!" over and over again as I was mesmerized with his muscles and his flexing.  I really liked how he was into his muscles too without being arrogant.  It was as if he had a longing to be admired and he wasn't getting it at home.  I was glad and thankful that I could be the one to give it to him. 

He told me to "Watch this!" and he dropped to the floor and did what seemed to be 100 push-ups in about a minute!  When he jumped up his body was starting to drip with sweat and he started rubbing the sweat into his skin as if he was rubbing oil over his chiseled physique.  This dude obviously should have been a competitive bodybuilder because he loved showing off his muscles!  And I loved watching.  He pulled down his shorts and had a pair of white thong underwear.  As he stepped out of his shorts his thighs began to flex involuntarily and I literally plopped on my bed in a daze now sitting down with his six pack right in my face.  I looked up at him  and he looked down at me and winked!  There was a connection between us that didn't have to be spoken.  No words had to be passed between us because the strong passion that exists between a muscle worshiper and his muscle man is primal, pure and just so right!

Needless to say as he stood there in his underwear and flexed his thighs  "other" things started to happen.  I will write more about my encounters with him in more detail at a later time. 

I will never forget my personal handyman!


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